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- Hey look, it's the 100th page! In retrospect I really should've expected Kyriena to show up on it and crash any potential parties. broken's 2nd birthday is next week and, spoiler, she's still gonna be in that update too.

Some results for the character poll:
Huvrye is the favorite, and the alignment guesses were split between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good. The construct is in second place (one vote behind Huvrye), and the majority guess went to Neutral Neutral.

Effiom is the least favorite, and guessed to be either Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil. Baal and Kyriena tied a close second, Lawful Evil and Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil respectively.

At some point (probably far in the future) I'll draw a thing explaining which characters were based on which alignment, but that's kinda spoilery right now since some of the alignments reflect character decisions we won't see for a while. But even then, the difference between alignments can be kinda slippery sometimes, so I can totally see arguments for something else too.

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